The Forum will provide a venue for education, training and capacity building.

The Innovation Lab

will do prototype testing and the practical development of innovative ideas submitted by collaborators from across the world working in line with our ethos and philosophy. It will demonstrate and test alternative ideas through critical interrogation of established processes and received wisdom to find robust, practical solutions associated with alternative building methods, wastewater management, power generation, bio- and other waste processing and biomass beneficiation.

A specific focus of the Innovation Lab will be to research, refine, develop and produce products from all forms of waste: plastic, tyres, mill waste, clothing, building materials, etc.

The Innovation Lab will link with the Forum to offer students practical skills associated with the Lab’s activities.

The Workshop

will offer a collective workspace for green entrepreneurs, allowing them to develop their own green enterprises with the support of various role-players. Research and development undertaken by the Innovation Lab will inevitably result in the incubation of green SMMEs that will have access to the Workshop. The Sustainability Hub will provide a supportive environment for new green business ideas.

Green entrepreneurs will benefit from small-business development courses offered via the Forum.

The Seed Bank

will grow and collect a diverse and well-curated selection of seeds to ensure a degree of local food sovereignty.

Processing black and grey water will provide a means to develop a hybrid aquaponics system linked to the Seed Bank, both to grow produce for sale and local distribution and to augment the Seed Bank and utilise soon-to-expire seeds.

The Forum will offer complementary permaculture courses linked to the Seed Bank.

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