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Green Economy Programme from $9

We want you to contribute to changing the future, commit and contribute to a better tomorrow, because when you participate in shaping the future, when you make a financial contribution and personal commitment, you acknowledge that you have something to lose.


The amount that you choose correlates with the number of 9-Squares that you contribute to. 

The value of one square is $9.

For example, if you make a contribution of $54, you will receive the unique what3words address of six 9-Squares. 

what3words is an ever-increasing popular global addressing standard that we use to pinpoint our Minimum Mapped Unit (MMU) of 3m x 3m blocks (9-Square) across a physical landscape. It is used to clearly quantify and qualify landscape features, and can thus be efficiently monitored and measured using Earth Observation, IoT and human-collected field data.

Your virtual 9-Squares with their unique what3words address will be available in your user portal.

Your virtual squares pinpoint squares in the real, physical landscape.

Your virtual 9-Squares allow you access to the online dashboard from where you can track progress with the programme and project implementation that your contribution has made possible.

our innovative model

Although you are not contributing to some sort of financial product with a certain financial return, we hope you will contribute to something that is equally tangible, real and, arguably, more important…



The ultimate outcome



We think the practical socio-environmental impact will show how you contribute to socio-environmental change. Social and environmental outcomes have economic value that reflects as the long-term benefits for people and the planet. These outcomes contribute to keeping ecosystems intact, prevent biodiversity loss and ensure positive social change for people.

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